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Naayt and The Great Fete Book

Naayt and The Great Fete Book

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A three-year-old Gloucester boy with a heart condition has had his story immortalised in a book so he can help other children like him.

Naayt Eberle is featured in ‘Naayt and the Great Fete’ – the brainchild of Gloucester charity Heart Heroes, which supports families with children who have heart conditions. Founder Kelly Cornish wants the book to be read by other children and their families, in a similar position to Naayt to help them navigate the world of hospitals and the NHS.

The story follows Naayt, from Churchdown, who was born with hypoplastic right heart syndrome, meaning the right side of his heart hasn’t properly developed. He’s had to undergo open-heart surgery three times to help alleviate his condition, and the book goes into about what it is like being in a hospital and what to expect.

Naayt’s whole family are featured, including Mum Rose, Dad Markus, siblings Rachel, Jake, and Kayden, and their four dogs! All in rhyme, the last page reads:

You never need to feel alone or unable to take part

The special thing about us all, is we all have unique hearts

It’s been written by paramedic and Heart Heroes supporter Emma Terranova-Davis, who herself runs a charity called Campaign for My Brain, to raise awareness about Huntingdon’s disease. Illustrations are by Andy Stonehouse, who also runs a charity called Stand Against MND, supporting research into motor neurone disease. Both have given their services for free.

The book will be available to children with heart conditions, via hospitals and also to Heart Heroes families.

Rose, who is a beneficiary trustee for Heart Heroes, said she was delighted that Naayt’s story is in print.

“It’s so lovely and we are really thrilled that Heart Heroes chose to use Naayt’s story,” said Rose. “Naayt took his copy of the book into his nursery, and it was read to all the children. It really helped them understand what has happened to Naayt, and he was so proud of taking it from room to room and showing everyone.

“Heart Heroes has been brilliant for our family because it is very difficult for people who aren’t heart families to understand what we go through.”

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